What is Martin’s Business Milestones?

Martin’s Business Milestones is a celebration of the American Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner.

These are the unsung heroes of our nation and our economy: The men and women who put themselves on the front lines daily – betting their financial solvency, hard work, reputation, and heart’s desire against the long odds of survival.

Whether your small business consists of just you – or you and 499 other dedicated employees – Martin’s Business Milestones wants to help you observe and celebrate each important business milestone.

We begin official recognition of small businesses when they reach their first five-year anniversary. At each additional lustrum (five-year period), the celebration continues.

Of course, every small business – regardless of its anniversary year – is invited and welcome to join our Martin’s Business Milestones community of entrepreneurs. In our eyes, you’re a hero for having the courage to wake up each day and strive to turn your American business dream into a reality.

Why Are You Doing This?

Dr. Charles W. Martin and the other founding staff of Martin’s Business Milestones have been unabashed boosters of the American entrepreneur for decades. We are proud of you because as a small business owner you are the backbone of our nation’s economy.

Behind each business milestone that we salute here is the story of genuine American heroes, whose commitment and sacrifices deserve admiration and celebration.

Too often, however, the American entrepreneur is an unsung hero. When business owners are able to beat the odds and reach their milestone anniversaries, it’s cause for celebration. They’ve earned more than the congratulations of those in their immediate business circle – they’ve earned the right to be recognized by the nationwide community of entrepreneurs and others who applaud the entrepreneurial spirit.

When we celebrate your company, we’re also showcasing you as a role model for millions of others who aspire to achieve similar business success.

Dr. Martin is nothing, if not ambitious. His goal is to help one million entrepreneurs grow more profitable, reach multiple successive milestones, and enrich the enjoyment of their journey.

Are You a Nonprofit Enterprise?

No. That wouldn’t be very entrepreneurial of us, would it?  We are a for-profit business that is dedicated to serving and celebrating other entrepreneurs. We believe it is possible to do good and do well at the same time.

Who Is Eligible to Be Featured?

Martin’s Business Milestones seeks to celebrate all entrepreneurs, regardless of where they’re located. For now, however, participation is open only to companies and professional practices based in the United States.

To qualify, your for-profit business/practice must be engaged in public commerce, meaning that you provide product or services to customers/clients. Nonprofits are welcome to register with us as well, although our primary focus will be on those individuals and companies operating in the for-profit sector.

There are no restrictions on the amount of your current annual revenues. Startups are also encouraged to register.

Businesses that have grown into major corporations or been acquired by large companies remain eligible. Subsidiaries, brands, or products that were launched by – and are still owned – by large companies are generally not eligible.

If you’re uncertain whether or not your company qualifies for registration with Martin’s Business Milestones, please contact us for clarification. We can be reached at CMartin@MartinsBusinessMilestones.com.

How Do I Apply to Showcase My Company’s Anniversary?

Registering your company is fast, easy, and free. To join the Martin’s Business Milestones community and become instantly eligible to be showcased on our site, click here.  

What Does It Cost to Be Featured?

There is no fee to register with Martin’s Business Milestones. Doing so, makes you eligible to be showcased on our feature stories, photos, audios, and videos.

How Do You Decide Which Milestone Companies to Showcase?

Every eligible company that registers with us will be listed in our public anniversaries database, including a link back to each company’s website.

Our intent is to mine that large list to highlight hundreds, thousands, and eventually tens of thousands of companies on our site.

Our editors, award-winning business journalists, look for companies that help illustrate the breadth and diversity of the American entrepreneurial experience. In particular, they are searching for owners who can serve as effective role models – imparting their experiences, both good and bad, in a manner that will help other entrepreneurs scale the hurdles that they are most likely to face.

Our editors welcome emails from owners and practice professionals explaining why your story would be of broad interest to our site visitors. We can be reached at CMartin@MartinsBusinessMilestones.com.

What If 2016 Isn’t A Milestone Anniversary Year for Us?

We encourage you to register your company with us, regardless of how long you’ve been in business. (Please see our answer above about eligible companies.)

Our mission is to provide you encouragement and suitable role models by showcasing companies that have achieved milestone anniversaries. When you do reach a milestone anniversary year, you’ll already be in our database and immediately eligible for recognition.

So whether your business is three months old, or 33 years old, please register with us today.

Are We Still Eligible if Our Company Has Been Acquired?

Yes. For many business owners, the sale of their company is the ultimate reward – the capstone of their entrepreneurial journey.

We’re especially interested in owners who have completed their initial mission and are now out to trail blaze fresh frontiers.

What Will You Do with the Information We Provide About Our Company?

Our plan, in time, is to grow the nation’s most comprehensive database of small business milestones. Our mandate is to celebrate as many qualifying companies as is humanly possible – offering our congratulations and distilling the collective wisdom that comes from the study of so many men and women who’ve beaten the long odds of business survival.

Toward that end, we’ll enter all of your information into our database for further study and review. We’ll use the data from many companies to formulate profiles here on Martin’s Business Milestones that showcase their successes and methods.

Other companies will be listed in our public database so that anyone who wants to search by company name and year founded will be able to do so. (Only limited details will be included in our public database.)

Importantly, we will curate the information you provide, along with that received from tens of thousands of other companies, to produce various original studies and analyses of successful small businesses and the paths they take.

When you register, you not only become eligible for recognition of your accomplishments, you contribute to the greater good and knowledge of all entrepreneurs.

If We Register, Then Change Our Mind, Can We Withdraw Our Registration?

We do welcome and invite those who register to update their information as circumstances change. However, we are not able to delist companies – even those that subsequently cease operations.

Our purpose is to serve as a chronicle of the American entrepreneur. Unfortunately, sometimes that includes tracking promising businesses that just don’t survive. We still believe the effort of those who gave it their best – but didn’t succeed – are well worth noting and preserving.

If We Spot an Error in Our Listing, What Should We Do?

By all means, alert us. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and – yes, corrections at CMartin@MartinsBusinessMilestones.com.  We will correct any errors as quickly as possible.

Who Is Dr. Charles W. Martin and Why Is He Doing This?

Dr. Martin, “Charley” to his friends, is a serial business owner, author, mentor, consultant, and coach.

He is also America’s #1 Evangelist for Entrepreneurs.

He is doing this because it needs doing, and he has the vision, talent, experience, and means to make it happen. Isn’t that a big part of the entrepreneurial formula?

To read a detailed biography of Dr. Martin, click here.  

Do You Provide Consulting or Other Services to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs?

Yes. No. and Kinda.

Let’s start with the “No.” Martin’s Business Milestones has one overarching mission: to celebrate the American entrepreneur and small business owner. That’s what we do here.

That said, we are committed to helping every owner and entrepreneur reach milestone after milestone. So we work with carefully selected affiliates and sponsors to offer visitors to Martin’s Business Milestones the opportunity to avail themselves of a network of providers who may be of service.

Business owners who are seeking specific help in attaining their goals are encouraged to contact Dr. Martin, who also serves as Chairman and CEO of Martin’s Milestone Advisors, a unique small business think tank that provides one-on-one consulting, courses, books, reports, newsletters, and conferences all designed to ensure that small business owners and entrepreneurs have the know-how and tools to reach and blow past all their most-coveted business milestones.  He can be reached at CMartin@MartinsBusinessMilestones.com.

Finally, please note that a subtext of every article we write, and video or audio we produce, is education. We hope visitors to our site will learn and profit from seeing how other successful entrepreneurs were able to reach and surpass their important milestones.

What’s Next?

Martin’s Business Milestones is a website, but it’s also a quest. We seek to celebrate and honor our nation’s entrepreneurs and small business owners – the heart and soul of our economy.

Like those we showcase, we too, are entrepreneurs.  And like all successful entrepreneurs, we dream large and are open to seizing opportunities as they arise.

In the months and years to come, Martin’s Business Milestones aims to expand our digital offerings, while also bringing our celebrations to real world venues, After all, when you achieve a significant milestone, you deserve a party in your honor.