About Martin’s Business Milestones

About Martin’s Business Milestones

When a small business or professional practice is a success, we all win.

Small businesses are the backbone of our nation, providing valued products and services, economic resilience and growth, and the majority of new jobs.

The sad fact is that roughly half of all new businesses fail within their first five years. With each additional lustrum (five-year period), the number of survivors diminishes further still.

Martin’s Business Milestones is dedicated to celebrating those businesses that have demonstrated the tenacity, agility, creativity, know-how, loyalty and experience that are required to tackle the challenges that bring down so many other small businesses.

Behind each milestone – be it five years, 50 years or 100 years – is a story of genuine American heroes, whose commitment and sacrifice merit commemoration. Each milestone also provides valuable lessons for others who aspire to replicate the achievement.

Whether your small business consists of just you – or you and 499 other dedicated employees – Martin’s Business Milestones seeks to help you observe each and every 5-year milestone as you mark them.

We are in the process of compiling the nation’s most comprehensive database of small business milestones. Our goal is to list every single qualifying business and anniversary, and offer our congratulations to those bold men and women whose vision, character, hard work, and good fortune have allowed them to beat the long odds of survival.

In addition, we will continue our decades-long study of how small businesses succeed and persevere. Toward that end, we’ll interview and profile hundreds – and eventually thousands, and tens of thousands – of milestone small business owners and executives in order to evaluate their business formulas; not just for survival, but also for growth and profitability.

Our Martin’s Business Milestones directory will serve as a living tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of America and unambiguous proof that business dreams do come true.

Dr. Charles W. Martin, the driving force behind Martin’s Business Milestones, aspires to help one million entrepreneurs grow more profitable, reach multiple successive milestones, and enrich the enjoyment of their journey.

Martin’s Business Milestones is the cornerstone of Dr. Martin’s own entrepreneurial dream.

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