About Dr. Charles W. Martin

About Dr. Charles W. Martin

Dr. Charles W. Martin, “Charley” to his friends, has been blessed with an abundance of entrepreneurial success. He is a serial business owner, author, mentor, consultant and coach.

A graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Martin has lived a life of service: to his patients and to thousands of other health practitioners and small business owners who he has taught the intricacies of entrepreneurship.

Those who have profited from their association with Dr. Martin marvel at the breadth of his business acumen, his absolute professionalism, and most notably, his allegiance to those he serves.

Dr. Martin views entrepreneurs and small business owners as the unsung heroes of America: men and women who put themselves on the front lines daily – betting their financial solvency, hard work, reputation, and heart’s desire against the long odds that they can birth, grow, and sustain a business or professional practice.

Those entrepreneurs who prevail – reaching their first five-year anniversary and each additional lustrum (five-year period) – are the backbone of America, providing valued products and services, economic resilience and growth, and the majority of new jobs.

With the launch of Martin’s Business Milestones, Dr. Martin has laid the cornerstone of his most ambitious public venture to date: to help one million entrepreneurs grow more profitable, reach multiple successive milestones, and enrich the enjoyment of their journey.

Inspired by Dr. Martin’s voracious appetite for scrutinizing the formulas for small business success, Martin’s Business Milestones is compiling the nation’s most comprehensive database of small business milestones.  The database, which is accessible by all small business dreamers, is a living tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of America and unambiguous proof that small businesses can and do prosper.

Dr. Martin also serves as Chairman and CEO of Martin’s Milestone Advisors, a unique small business think tank, providing one-on-one consulting, courses, books, reports, newsletters, and conferences designed to ensure that small business owners and entrepreneurs have the know-how and tools to reach and blow past all their most-coveted business milestones.

Dr. Martin was born in Bristol, Virginia and grew up just across the border in Bristol, Tennessee.  A proud Hoakie, Dr. Martin was co-captain of the football team at Virginia Tech, where he received his undergraduate degree.  He began his own professional practice in January 1979.

Dr. Martin and his wife, Holly, live in Richmond, VA.  They are the proud parents of five adult children and four grandchildren.