Our 60 Homepage Milestone Entrepreneurs


Row One
Row One (L-R)
  • Tom Szaky, Founder, Terracycle
  • Kevin McCloskey, Founder Househappy
  • Dhiraj Shah, Founder, President, & CEO,
    Avaap Inc.
  • Liz Kaplow, Founder, President, & CEO, Kaplow Communications
  • Nancy Rosborough, Founder & CEO, Mychorrhiza Biotech, LLC
  • Ethan Anderson, Founder & CEO, MyTime
  • Ita M. Olsen, Founder, OlsenSpeech Inc.
  • David J. Bearss, Ph.D., CEO, Tolero Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Sameer Munger, Founder & CEO, Zipscene
  • Scott McNelley, President & CEO, Admiral Records Management
  • Katrina Lake, Founder & CEO, Stitch Fix
  • Steven MacDonald, Founder, CEO, & Chairman, myMatrixx

    Row Two (L-R)
    Row Two (L-R)
  • Sky Dayton, Founder, Boingo Wireless, Inc.
  • Susan & Jay Weiss, Founders, Ark Naturals
  • Eren Niazim, Founder & CEO, Open Source Storage, LLC
  • William Banks, Founder & CEO, Sleep Mentor
  • Bob Godgart, Founder & Chairman, Autotask Corp.
  • Cliff Duffey, Founder & President, Cybera Inc.
  • Bill Hayden, CEO, Facility Source LLC
  • Cindy Heit-Welch, Founder, Gem City Homecare LLC
  • Ken Fischer, President, LAbite, Inc.
  • Joshua Baer, Founder, PostUp
  • Sean Marsh, Co-Founder & General Partner, Point Judith Capital
  • Alan Masarek, CEO, Vonage Holdings Corp.

    Row Three (L-R)
    Row Three (L-R)
  • David Goldsteen, M.D., MBA, Founder Chairman, & CEO
  • Kevin Chowning, Founder & Vice President of Consulting, Summit Technology, Inc.
  • Howard G. Phanstiel, Principal Executive Officer & Board Chairman, United Online, Inc.
  • Henry Samueli, Co-Founder, CTO, & Board Chairman, Broadcom Corp.
  • Trevor Camption, CEO, Investus Solutions, Inc.
  • Drew Horter, Founder, President, & Chief Investment Strategist, Horter Investment Management, LLC
  • Gina Locklear, Founding Family Member, Little River Sock Mill
  • Norm Beaucamp, Founder, President, & CEO, Carolina International Sales Co., Inc
  • Todd Mezrah, Co-Founder & Vice President, Drawloop Technologies, Inc.
  • Kevin Gilligan, Chairman & CEO, Capella Education Company
  • Eric Franchi, Co-Founder, Chief Evangelist, Undertone
  • Kathy Underwood, President & CEO, Ledyard Financial Group, Inc.

    Row Four (L-R)
    Row Four (L-R)
  • David & Robert Trone, Founders & Owners, Total Wine & More
  • John K. Castle, Co-Founder & Chairman, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd
  • Lauren & Bob Monahan, Founders, UPPAbaby
  • Wes Schaeffer, Founder, The Sales Whisperer
  • JanisWare, Owner & Fouding Family Member, The Atlanta Voice
  • Frank Paci, CEO, CBC Restaurant Corp.
  • Herve Hoppenot, President, Chairman, & CEO, Incyte Corp.
  • Mel Payne, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Carriage Services, Inc.
  • John Heath, Directing Attorney, Lexington Law
  • Jeff Payne, Founder & CEO, OpenCar, Inc.
  • Rimas Buinevicius, Co-Founder & CEO, Rowheels, Inc.
  • Rob Canales, Co-Founder & CEO, ROKA Sports, Inc.

    Row Five (L-R)
    Row Five (L-R)
  • Deborah & David Meniane, Founders & Owners, Victoria’s Kitchen, LLC
  • Tim Tuttle, Founder & CEO, MindMeld
  • Adi Sideman, Founder & CEO, YouNow
  • Daniel Negari, CEO, XYZ.COM, LLC
  • Alan Lee, President, Bliss Lights, Inc.
  • Jordan Batt, Co-Founder & Owner, Endurance Warranty Services LLC
  • Jim Fowler, Founder & CEO, Owler, Inc.
  • Patrick O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Impossible Foods, Inc.
  • Bob Carter, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, Carter
  • Alan Rubin, Founder, Owner, & President, Alec Bradley
  • Stephen Smith, Founder & CEO, Planet Beach
  • Doug Lebda, Chairman & CEO, Lending Tree, Inc.

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